Into the Curious – Storytelling at the Great North Museum.

On September 5th the Great North Museum:Hancock in Newcastle hosted an evening of stories, myths, poems and art making performed in response to The Curious Case of…… exhibition by invited authors and artists including Dawn Felicia Knox, Sheree Mack, Richard W. Hardwick, Stevie Ronnie , artists from The Book Apothecary and music by Simon Wood.

As one of the young curators behind ‘The Curious Case Of…’ exhibit this was one of my most anticipated events on the programme we had going on throughout the summer.

Dawn Falicia Knox worked with the volunteer curators on the artists entrance the exhibit and the process has been both an exciting and informative one for me.

Not a great fan of  ‘contemporary art’  Dawn’s work has certainly been an eye opener to me.

I have become less dismissive of the form and found myself to be clearly ignorant of the beauty to be found in many of the works or artists from his all to easily stigmatised area of the art world.

As a lover of all things creative, especially when it comes to writing, the storytelling event didn’t let me down.

An intimate affair ending on an emotional reading from Sheree Mack and the soothingly beautiful music of Simon Wood throughout the night I only wish more people had turned up to enjoy what was a wonderful evening.

Have you been to any similar events or know of any coming up? Comment below I’d love to hear about it.


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